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Now you see me 2017-10-29 오후 8:03:00

As sunset is falling today, the autumn baseball post season is falling. In October 29th, 2017 KIA Tigers is winning at 2 to 1. They are currently on a winning streak. Imagine when the hitter hit the ball and gazing the out of the fence. Homerun is the easiest and hardiest way to get a score. Homerun means that pass a ball over the stadium fence. Anyway, the Korean player`s name is Lee Seung Yeop is retired a few weeks ago who recorded about 460 homeruns (except Japan League).
Then, who is the best homerun hitter in the world?
According to the ranking, there are lots of people you ever hear once.
The best homerun king is `Wang Jung Chi`
He hit 868 homeruns. However, this record has a lot of against opinions. At that time, Japan`s stadiums are very small. The average of the distance to the fence from the batter's box is 86 meters. But the second homerun king Hank Araon usually plays in stadium which has about 110 meters distance. 3rd king is Babe Ruth. He is friendly man to us.
He recorded 714 homeruns.
One of the famous anecdotes about him is promising homerun. One news is Choi Jung who is playing in SK Wiberns is recording 46 homeruns. Some of people say that the number of 56 homeruns (Lee Seung Yeop) will be exceeded. But the record wasn`t exceeded. Then, let`s wait for the new best hitter. The record is existing because it will break some day.

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