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The Relation Between Music and Studying 2017-11-06 오전 12:28:00

Recent studies have discovered that studying while listening to music can boost concentration levels and act as supplements for memorizing. The concept of listening to music during your course of study may be difficult to take in, as many have argued before that all distracting factors should be removed while students are focusing. The Mozart Effect may sound familiar- the idea that listening to classical music enhances mental function. Although listening to Mozart won’t have immediate results, there is evidence that listening to pleasant music can aid memory performance and task absorption.
A stimulating song can boost your energy so that music can engage the body’s autonomic nervous system both physically and emotionally. Anything that may get in the way of studying, such as boredom or drowsiness, can be avoided with the right amount of stimulation to the brain. Lastly, music has shown to be a healthy way of lessening anxiety or stress- both of which are common enemies of students who are under constant pressure. Both classical and personally pleasing music have been shown to calm nerves and ease tension. Thanks to these studies, it’s now safe to say that listening to music while studying may bring more good than bad.

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