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Tremors Before the Entrance Exam 2017-11-19 오후 9:59:00

Perhaps one of the first things that pops into mind when one thinks of South Korean students is the grueling college entrance exam, most commonly known as Sooneung. Most teens across South Korea study late nights and attend multiple academies for additional afterschool lessons; in short, competition is tough. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that many of these students’ hard work lead up to one crucial test in November, which is why the postponement of the annual entrance exam left almost the entire country in shock. The postponement, however, was a necessary adjustment after the 5.4 multitude earthquake in Pohang that shook both the buildings and minds of citizens across the country. South Korea is less than prone to earthquakes, so the destruction that took place the day before the long-awaited Sooneung traumatized both students and adults alike. After hours of intense discussions from the education ministry, announcement was made that the test was pushed back a week. Although at first glance this news seemed like a ray of hope for stressed teens, students around the country soon began to protest against the urgently made announcement. Disturbed travel plans, disappointed girls who’d taken birth control pills in hopes of a free stomach on the day of the test, and disorganized schedules for college applications were reported- all pointing to displeasure in the sudden rearrangement.
However, the earthquake and the numerous aftershocks in Pohang did result in serious monetary and physical damage- meaning that the postponement was inevitable, even at the discomfort of many. In conclusion, South Korean citizens wish the best of luck to both the test-takers and to those who suffered as a result of the natural disaster.

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